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Jennie Kerber

“I couldn’t have done it without you guys! Thank you for your help!”

Eric Wiggins

“The Balloon Training Academy is by far the best ground school availiable for LTA!”

Maddie Jones

“I couldn’t have done it without The Balloon Training Academy!”

Bill Weiss

“Just passed my private. The Balloon Training Academy was worth every penny and minute spent.”

Brad Hosmer

“The best ground and flight training around!”

Kevin MacDonald

“The Balloon Training Academy proved to be an invaluable resource which allowed me to study at my own pace with limited internet connectivity and covered all of the relevant material needed to succeed on the knowledge exams. With the aid of this online resource, I was able to score 100% on my Private Exam and 95% on my commercial exam on the first attempt. I highly recommend Balloon Training Academy to any aspiring balloon pilot as the most comprehensive online resource that caters specifically to ballooning”

Sky Scheller

“I wanted to thank you so much for this awesome course, I really quite literally could not have done it without you guys!”

Kelly Sasser

The Balloon Training Academy helped me build my confidence and knowledge as I prepared for my check ride. This helped me show my kids that anything is possible if you dream big and work hard.

Rex Smart

Ground schools offered are awesome!! Being able to complete at own pace is a definite bonus. Helped me pass all private pilot requirements and look forward to commercial ground school soon.

We want YOU to succeed!

Our courses are designed for YOU! We want to see YOU succeed and earn your pilot certificate! We are passionate about your success!

We are designed to help the flow of knowledge and information from the FAA to you! We also provide support to our students! 

Adam Magee

Adam Magee


 Adam Magee is a Federal Aviation Administration Designated Pilot Examiner, was named the 2019 FAA Flight Instructor of the Year, the 2021 FAA Safety Team Rep of the Year, and is a FAA Safety Team Representative, WINGSPro, and DronePro. 

Adam is passionate about ballooning and contributes pro-bono to advance safety, and training.



Industry Member

We are proud to be a Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team Industry Member! We work collaboratively with the FAASteam to develop safety
awareness training, products, and industry best practices while discovering ways to
provide educational safety outreach for airmen.

We encourage all pilots to join the FAA Safety Team WINGS program by visiting:


If you have any qustions about the FAASTeam or the WINGS Pilot Proficiency Pgrogram please let us know!

Kimberly Magee

Kimberly Magee

Co-founder/Vice President

Kim holds 6 World Records and 9 National records in hot air ballooning and is a receipient of the Balloon Federation of America’s Shields Trauger Award, the BFAs highest honor. Kim is a FAA Safety Team Representative, WINGSPro, and DronePro.

Kim is passionate about ballooning and contributes pro-bono to see the sport grow! 


Learn from commercial rated hot air balloon pilots who have the experience and training to help you succeed!


Don’t be fooled by other websites, the FAA does NOT publish knowledge test questions. We have hundreds of sample questions for you to practice to prepare you for the exam.


Learning online is great for people with busy schedules because you can learn at your own pace from your home, or on your mobile device. No need to buy books and lug them around, we have all that you need on the site!


We’re focused on your outcomes and you’ll be able to monitor your progress with our many progress tracking tools. Our all-in-one platform helps you prepare effeciently!

The Balloon Training Academy fills a need that has not been addressed in the past. Not everyone can get ground school where they live or go to one out of town. I’ve had several of my students take the course when I could not work with them one-on-one and pass their written/knowledge exams. Great program! Keep up the good work!

Elizabeth Wright-Smith

FAA Designated Pilot Examiner and Chief Instructor at a Part 141 Flight School

I wanted to let you know that I passed my private written with a 92%. I passed my checkride and the DPE said that I was very prepared. I do think your course helped me prepare for sure. I liked the assignments as I felt it helped me look in the FAR and look deeper into other materials.

Mike Lorentz

Private Pilot

I passed the exam! 92%! Thanks so much for making this course available, I wouldn’t have been able to attend any in-person schools with my crazy schedule so this has been perfect for me!

Anthony McCollum

Private Pilot

Thank you for working with Rich. Rich got 90% of his training this summer in less than 60 days. He is our first student to be trained in the mountains and he passed his private chckride with flying colors. I am recommending your ground school to everyone I come in contact with. Your work is definitely filling a need and I hope that it continues to gain momentum.

Kay West

FAA Designated Pilot Examiner and Flight Instructor

As a flight instructor, I always recommend my students follow and participate in anything Balloon Training Academy related. It’s a fantastic resource!

Keely Mahony

Commercial Pilot/Flight Instructor

Special thanks to our Partners in Education!