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The Balloon Training Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the number of hot air balloon pilots as well as increasing safety through continuing education and safety training. You can help us with this mission by signing up to take one of our courses, or encouraging others to take our courses. You may also choose to donate to us directly by using the donate buttons below, or becoming one of our Partners In Education.

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The idea to start The Balloon Training Academy came from our work with the BFA Youth Program. We were heavily involved in the BFA Youth Program; volunteering as camp counselors, organizing and running our own BFA Youth Camp for three years, created and maintained the BFA Camps website before the new BFA website, writing the camp guidelines which are used for BFA camps today, and creating the “Take the Pledge” campaign. The camps are great opportunities to showcase ballooning to youth and educate and train student pilots, but the camps end. The end of camp every year always left us wanting to do more to help students achieve their rating. We thought, how can we keep camp going and allow the process to come full circle and get more pilots into the sport? The answer was The Balloon Training Academy.

If we only focus on giving ground training and preparing students to take the Knowledge Exam, then we are stranding students before they can achieve their rating. The reason we charge a course fee and ask for donations is because we want to raise funds to allow us to help students start/continue flight training after successfully completing the Knowledge Exam. We want to be able to create club balloons for users of our course to possibly use with a flight instructor to gain flight training. We want to be able to provide scholarships to flight schools. We want to complete the circle. We are a nonprofit because we operate in order to fulfill our mission, not fill our pockets. We don’t own the Academy; we are merely the Board of Directors who leads the Academy towards fulfilling its mission. We hope you find The Balloon Training Academy to be a noble cause and are willing to help us achieve our goal of increasing the number of hot air balloon pilots. We need your support and together we can grow the sport of ballooning.

Thanks for your consideration,

Adam & Kim Magee

The Balloon Training Academy

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