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From the beginning of the process to final certification, we are here to help you reach your dreams of becoming a pilot!

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As recognized experts in pilot training, we’ve published many articles on hot air balloon safety, education, and training in Federal Aviation Administration publications as well as trade organization publications. Published work to help you with flight training is included below:

Student Pilot Certificate

The Balloon Training Academy Founder and President Adam Magee is an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. He can help you through the process of obtaining a student certifcte! To begin click here to watch a video and then contact Adam at

Private Pilot Ground School

100% online and self paced, you work whenever and wherever you are! Provides knowledge required to pass the FAA Knowledge Exam and provides a solid foundation for flight training and eventual check ride with a DPE!

Training Syllabus

The Private Pilot Training Syllabus is a guide to private pilot certification. Follow the training logbook, recording progress of required tasks, and then test your student according to the standards!  

How do you know a student is ready?

Click here to watch a free online webinar on how to know if a student is ready for their solo and/or check ride! The course also qualifes for WINGS credit!

IACRA - Applicant

Click here to watch a video on how the applicant (student pilot) completes their 8710-1 form in IACRA in preparation for the practical exam!

IACRA - Instructor

Click here to watch a video on how the instructor completes their student’s 8710-1 from in IACRA in preparation for their practical exam!

Private Pilot Check ride Prep

Click here to sign up for our Private Pilot Check Ride Prep Course. This course walks a student through a practical exam so there are no surprises!

Scheduling a Practical Exam

The Balloon Training Academy Founder/President Adam Magee, an appointed FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, can schedule your practical exam (check ride)! Adam wants you to succeed and help you through the process. Even if you choose not to schedule with Adam, he can point you in the right direction to help you earn your certificate! Email for help locating an examiner or just to ask a question!