2021 Safety Seminar – Insurance Discount

In this continuing education course we offer a free opportunity to earn safety seminar credit. Upon watching videos, you will be required to complete a quiz to earn credit. Successfully completing the quiz will unlock a completion certificate for you to print and send in to your insurance company.

Dear Ballooning Community,

COVID-19 has impacted us all either directly or indirectly. The situation is highly fluid and new impacts are felt daily. We pray for all those affected.

Many hot air balloon continuing education seminars are being canceled due to COVID-19. While this impact is minuscule on the World stage, we wanted to offer the ballooning community an opportunity to still earn safety seminar credit.

We have reached out to the two major insurance carriers, Aviation Insurance Resources and RPS Balloon. They have both agreed to offer seminar credit for those who complete our course.

We are pleased to announce a FREE online safety seminar course for anyone to take to receive seminar credit for a possible insurance discount. The course is 100% online and self paced. You complete it when you have time.

This is a constantly evolving situation for our World. We pray for all those negatively affected by COVID-19. We hope everyone remains safe and healthy. Please do your part to practice social distancing and “flatten the curve.”


Adam and Kim Magee

The Balloon Training Academy

*Sections of this course qualifes for WINGS Credit


Your Course Includes

100% Online and Self Paced

Accident Investigation and Analysis

Check Ride Prep help

Free Seminar Credit!

ATC Communications

Insurance questions and issues


FAA Compliance Program

Course Curriculum

  • 2021 Safety Seminar Intro
    10 minutes
  • How to navigate the course
    5 minutes
  • Accidents and Accident Prevention
    90 minutes
  • Checklists Safety Seminar
    30 minutes
  • FAA Compliance Program
    75 minutes
  • How do you know a student is ready for their practical exam?
    75 minutes
  • Fundamentals Safety Seminar Intro
    5 minutes
  • Fundamentals CE
    60 minutes
  • LTA Outreach Series – Airport Communications
    75 minutes
  • Insurance – AIR
    30 minutes
  • Insurance – RPS
    30 minutes
  • 2021 Online Safety Seminar Quiz
    10 questions
  • 2021 Safety Seminar Closing
    10 minutes
  • How to navigate the course
    5 minutes

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