2023 Safety Seminar – Insurance Discount

In this continuing education course we offer a free opportunity to earn safety seminar credit. Upon watching videos, you will be required to complete a quiz to earn credit. Successfully completing the quiz will unlock a completion certificate for you to print and send in to your insurance company.

You can access anytime in 2023 to complete for possible insurance discount with Aviation Insurance Resources and RPS Balloon. Complete at your own pace, on your own time, anywhere! We appreciate AIR and RPS for passing along the safety seminar discount when applicable for completion, sharing knowledge is vital to safety. Most importantly, this creates a positive safety culture by making safety content readily available to the entire community. We are proud. to make a difference and raise the bar on hot air balloon education and training.


Adam and Kim Magee

The Balloon Training Academy



Your Course Includes

100% Online and Self Paced

Medical Certification


Free Seminar Credit!

Regulation update

Flight training tips, tricks, and best practices

Repair Station Discussion

Creating a Positive Safety Culture

Flying at balloon events

Course Curriculum

  • 2023 Safety Seminar Intro
    10 minutes
  • How to navigate the course
    5 minutes
  • Medical Certification
    60 minutes
  • FAASTeam – Creating a safety culture
    60 minutes
  • Meet the FAA – 2nd Edition
    60 minutes
  • DPE Secrets to Passing a Check Ride
    65 minutes
  • Repair Stations
    60 minutes
  • Event Flying
    60 minutes
  • 2023 Online Safety Seminar Quiz
  • How to navigate the course
    5 minutes
  • 2023 Safety Seminar Closing
    10 minutes

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