Flight Instructor Refresher

Don’t know where to begin instructing students? Let us help!

This course provides a refresher for commercial pilots/flight instructors on instructing student pilots. Refresh your knowledge on what is required to be taught to students as well as learn what type of records you must keep. Help your students succeed by refreshing your knowledge of what is required! This course can be completed within a few hours.

*This course qualifies for WINGS credits!*


Your Course Includes

Characteristics and responsibilities of a flight instructor

Update on the new testing standards - the Airman Certification Standards (ACS)

The learning process

The teaching process

Techniques of flight instruction

The Private and Commercial Practical Test

Common areas of improvement for students on their check ride

Creating a lesson plan

How to navigate IACRA (what the heck is that anyway?)

Getting all your paperwork in order for the check ride!

Course Curriculum

  • Flight Instructor – Intro
    5 minutes
  • Flight Instructor – Choosing to Instruct
    10 minutes
  • Flight Instructor – Characteristics
    15 minutes
  • Flight Instructor – Where do we start?
    5 minutes
  • Flight Instructor – Areas of knowledge
    10 minutes
  • Flight Instructor – The Teaching Process
    15 minutes
  • Flight Instructor – The Learning Prcoess
    15 minutes
  • Flight Instructor – Techniques of Flight Instruction
    15 minutes
  • Fundamentals CE
    60 minutes
  • Flight Instructor – Critique and Evaluations
    15 minutes
  • Flight Instructor – IACRA
    10 minutes
  • Flight Instructor – Weak Areas
    10 minutes
  • Airman Testing Standards
    60 minutes
  • Private Pilot DPE Forum
    65 minutes
  • Commercial Pilot DPE Forum
    80 minutes
  • How do you know a student is ready for their practical exam?
    75 minutes
  • Flight Instructor Refresher Quiz
    15 questions

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