Our Mission : To bring the launch field to students across the U.S.A.

We achieve this mission by Educate. Train. Develop.

Educate. Our online, self-paced, ground school allows students access to quality ground/knowledge training. Our online courses make learning easy and fun and also allow students to take courses on the go. Our courses not only prepare students to pass the FAA Knowledge Exam, but more importantly they prepare students for flight training and continuous learning after receiving their pilot certificate. 

Train. We provide training tools to flight instructors and students such as our one of a kind training syllabus, flight instructor refresher courses, posts on our Facebook page, etc. As we continue to grow, our goal is to bring the launch field to students across the U.S.A. by developing a balloon training program. We have created a network of highly qualified balloon flight instructors who are willing to volunteer their time to help us train students. Our goal is to have equipment available to these instructors, and connect the instructors with students. We will bring the launch field to students and in return, the number of hot air balloon pilots in the U.S.A. will increase.

Develop. Obtaining a pilot certificate is a “license to learn.” We want balloon pilots to develop through lifelong learning and continuing education. We have developed and will continue to develop continuing education courses for current pilot to take to develop additional knowledge.

If we can Educate. Train. Develop., we can reach our mission to bring the launch field to students across the USA and thereby improve safety and increase the number of pilots in the USA.